so..... its my 6th bike!! And I bought it on June 19, 2001!
Update: September 10, 2001 (text only, my R1100GS Comments)
A trip to Naxos island, Summer 2001!
A trip to Santorini island... September 2002!
Sept. 17, 2002: A new and long overdue update on the FatCow!
Sept. 19, 2002: A new friend with a Red '95 model R1100GS. Some TLC for our both bikes, a chat etc... (Updates: Sept. 25, 2002, Oct. 1, 2002, Oct. 18, 2002)
It's about time I change this awful suede seat cover of the BMW... On Sept. 25, I visited Connolly's (no less!) for a new seat cover. Looks good and feels good!
Updated September 20, 2002: My favorite BMW links. Some are good some are not. Anyway, it's what I like among the thousands found on the net. Most are R1100GS related, some are for the fun, some are travelling links. You choose!
Updated September 20, 2002: A few BMW Motorcycle Screensavers.
October 13, 2002: A few strange BMW's at Intermot 2002. You've all seen the K1200GT and the R1200CL. But what about these?!
Jean Pierre Goy on a K12LT!!!! (oh... and an F650CS)
The service log, so far. July 30, 2007.
Dec 17, 2002: Reflective Decals for my saddlebags!
Dec 24, 2002: A Krauser topcase.
Dec 27, 2002: A beautiful (and silly, and useless) addition!
January 18, 2003: A trip to Europe... Easy stuff they told me!!!!!!
February 8-9, 2003: BMW Greek Riders Club first meeting for 2003
March 28, 2003: The GS on the Dyno
Updated the travel links, with Andrea Brigatti's travels.
Andrea visiting my home, at the end of his long 2002 trip.

I was wondering if we should take part with the BMW or the KTM?!!!! Any ideas?!
I rode the KTM finally. I chickened to enter the BMW in the mudbath!
April 15, 2003: The 2nd dyno run and the results of the mods.
June 22, 2003: Sascha's exhaust makes a lot of noise!
July 3-4, 2003: EP8 in Vosges, France. A little Greek Adventure, 10-days, 3850km-long!
September 28, 2003: Update on the GS. A few random thoughts...
March 14, 2004: Athens International Motorcycle Show
March 15, 2004: The Krauser K5 topcase lock broke!
April 16, 2004: A Garmin GPSMAP 176. Update June 21, 2004.
February 25, 2005: Trying to rewind the speedo!!!!!
May 5, 2005: A new Garmin GPS 2610
May 22, 2005: BMW Enduro Training
June 25, 2006: Doing two electrical mods to the BMW... Start the bike with the sidestand down, and get rid of the false ABS warning light.
15.10.2022: Revisited the ABS mod. Hopefully more understandable now!
July 2007: An ATC2K helmet camera. Bridgestone Battlewing tires. Braking rear disc, Brembo pads.
24.02.2021: LED lamps in the instruments!
Summer 2020: LED headlight!
Autumn 2020: MotoK Seat Cover!
26.02.2021: Adding a USB port and voltmeter
Ιούλιος - Αύγουστος 2022: Μπροστινά φρένα. ΟΛΑ καινούρια!
29.8.2022: John Gemi's Chip installed!
6.10.2022: New Fuel Pump, new fuel filter, new fuel lines. The problems from Morocco trip and how they were solved
15.10.2022: How to repair a broken tab on the side panel
24.10.2022: How to make a HES Tester!
24.10.2022: Replacing the RID on the R1150GS
31.12.2022: Heated Grips repair!
26.10.2023: Repairing the RID!
11.3.2024: Installing Nushings in the Final Drive!
1.5.2024: Heed frame protectors installed!
1.5.2024: Engine oil pressure sensor replacement

And its a BIG BIG BIG hunk of metal, as well!

It's the usual by now, 4valve.....

and its a 98 R1100GS!

I bought it used.... with....
...kilometers on it!

so..... what's it like?!

A one day trip to Delphi. 700km almost non stop in 8 hours!

A few remarks about the Delphi travel.