Summer 2020

LED headlight H4!

After I installed LED lamps in the headlights of my VW Golf, I decided it would be a good idea to do it on the bike, too.
I was concerned that I would blind oncoming traffic, which fortunately is not an issue, as you will see.
I also had concerns about lighting my way, in front of the bike, and do it well. Not that the original H4 lamp was really bad, mind you.

So amidst the first lockdown, in the summer of 2020, I bought a Philips H4 LED lamp and installed it.

This is the box it came in.

So, first, I pulled the lamp connector to the back of the headlight.

I removed the pins from the connector. I did this, so that the pins would pass one by one through the protertive rubber that sits in the back of the headlight.

I mounted the lamp into the headlight and then I pushed its connector through said black protective cover. I followed the instructions that came with the lamp packaging and the installation went on like a breeze.

I mounted the ballast, after connecting it, of course, behind the black side "grille". I made sure it's held securely with zip ties!

So, we have light! Yay!

First test, with me on the bike, unladen by luggage, anyway, but with a half-full tank of petrol... It shows promising!

Another view against the trees in our back yard...

I then went on a brief ride around the block, to see how it feels.

Behind my son's car, emulating a stop at a traffic light. My son reported he was not blinded by my bike, no matter my position relative to his (parked, remember we had lockdown!) car, while he was in the driver's seast.

Next project...

Ok, this was just a joke, of course!!!!!