Oct. 13, 2002:

All these were scanned from the Greek magazine "Moto", without their permission, of course, btu they are good friends, so I guess they wouldn't mind me doing them a little free advertising ;-)

Says "MOTO" Magazine: BMW Boxer fourwheeler.
Not only Impreza.
If you wish for a fourwheeled with a boxer motor but not a Subaru Impreza, here's the solution: This Quad from GG has got the 1150cc boxer motor from BMW, has got independent suspension front and rear, two seats and of course TUV approval. What? It's got an ugly fairing? Who said it's beautiful...

Says "MOTO" magazine:
Lonely Boxer.
What is it:
Styling excercise
What it wants: Our attention
How: Being a little CS

Based on the R-series boxer motor, David Robb's design team made this prototype which could easily roll into production.The front of the bike has dual headlights which fit into a shell that borrows from the CS stying, while special attention has been payed to the finishing details of every metal parts, from engine to telelever parts. It looks good in black and grey while the engline looks smaller than it is. The single seat is a bit confusing to us, since this kind of motorcycle are beeing seen rolling two-up quite a lot, especially in city.
Barcode: It can be made with engine sizes from 850 to 1200. We prefer the 1200! Can be made without ABS and EVO.

BMW R1100S Boxercup Replica
Mamola signs it

Says "MOTO" magazine:
What is it: A Replica
What it wants: To feel different than regular S's
How: With the colors and the signature of Mamola.
BMW added an "easy" model to its lineup. It's the Replica of the International BoxerCup, which is being done with R1100S models. It strikes the eye right away from normal R1100S's thanks to its color scheme. Furthermore, it's got a plastic lower fairing, bearing the stickers of all the Cup sponsors, different cylinder head covers, a 5.5in rear wheel with a 180-section tire, and it sits a little higher, thanks to longer spring spacers in the suspension. It can be bought with all the optional parts for the S, like ABS, saddlebags etc. It's got the new and improved for 2003 gearbox. All the money is in the signature of Randy Mamola on the fueltank, however!
Barcode: 98HP, 229kg, extraordinary color-scheme, you can order her without the sponsor stickers.