Since March 28, 2003:

Recently I have decided to make the BMW a little faster and quicker, keeping it as simple and cheap as possible. I've read about the Boxer-Design's kit which is simple and cheap (didn't I already mention this?!) at 312 Euros, and most important is reversible.

The kit consists of 3 plastic tubes, the intake to the airbox and the two outgoing tubes to the injection, two Brisk spark plugs and a K & N airfilter.

In theory this modification is only half as good, since my sources at 0-300 magazine, as well Mr. Mavrommatis at Power-House Engineering in Athens, who did the dyno runs of the bike, both state that the complete mod should include a proper (read: more open) exhaust canister, something like a Remus or Sebring (indicatively, not necessarily).

So we first arranged a dyno run with the GS in completely standard mode. Actually the bike with 23430km on the clock is fresh from the 20000km service, which was done at the 22761km mark, and quite fresh engine oil and oil filter (as of 20660km). (See the BMW service log, here)

The bike tied on the DynoJet 250, with Mr. Mavrommatis doing the final tests before the dyno run.

Running the dyno

The screens show engine speed and power

Rolling at something like 200km/h!!!!!

Evaluating the runs

At Left: Power: 75.4HP at 6600rpm. Torque: 9.1Nm at 5500rpm. However, there's more than 6Nm available from 3200 to 6700rpm.
At Right: Roll-on the power, in all gears (except 1st), compared with the blue line which is the power curve.
Click on each image above, to view bigger (around 77kb each).

Later today we fitted the Boxer Design kit.. Click here to see how easy and quick it was.
The second dynorun and the results.
Update: September 28, 2003