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A new Thunder Tiger SB-5 rc bike!

Well... Santa saw that I was a good boy this year, so he sent me this bike as a christmas present!

I managed to build the kit a couple of days before Christmas, so it was (almost: not yet painted!) ready to be placed under the tree!

It duly took its place with my other 1/5 onroad bikes! The TT FM1-e (top) and the KP09e (bottom)!

So... what's this new bike like?!

Update April 30, 2011: Adding weight to the SB-5, to make it legal for the 2011 RC Bike Worlds, stock rules!

Update April 30, 2011: Tried a belt tensioner and new ZH-Racing Wheels.

Update July 14, 2011: My 2011 RC Bike Worlds Paintjob!

August 2011: We raced at the RC Bike Worlds 2011, at Lostallo!

October 2011: We raced at the RC Bike International Race, at Riccione, Italy, in October 2011. Actually it was the Pre-Warm-Up race for the 2012 Worlds!

Update 04.04.2012: Installed Clark's Carbon Swingarm Plates and Clark's pre-glued wheels and tires

Update 10.05.2012: The 2012 Worlds Paintjob

Update 20.08.2012: The RC Bike Worlds Paint Scheme!

Update 29.08.2012: RC Bike Worlds!