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This page will someday contain all my travels and trips done so far.
However, as you all know I'm too lazy lately... (the last 40 years, to be exact...) so I did only the latest:

Our latest trip to Antwerp, Belgium! March 11-13, 2000!!!!

Samos Island for a weekend! May 6-8, 2000!

Limnos Island, June 16-19, 2000

Karpenissi, July 15, 2000

The Summer 2000 Ride, Italy and south of France, July 27 to August 9, 2000 updated on August 20, with secret pics! hehehehe!

(Some more pics of this ride, taken from Andrea)

Corfu Island vacations, August 2000 Updated August 20!

February 4, 2001! A one-day 400km round-trip to Nayplio!

May 26 and 27, 2001: A weekend to Edessa, Kastoria, Meteora and some other nice places. 1600km in 48hrs! (In the Fiat :)

June 21. A one day trip to Delphi (total 700km)

Our summer 2001 Vacation: Aigina Island! Last week of June, 2001.

August 30 to September 2, 2001: NAXOS island revisited. (aboard our R1100GS!)... and it was Stelios' and Ophelia's 2nd Honeymoon!

March 23-25, 2002: A Trail Ride to Meteora!
(For our dirt riding expeditions, have a look here, at my KTM section)

May 25-26 2002: Agia Anna Camping, Evia.

September 9, 2002: Marc Wandschneider and Samantha visited Greece!

Santorini 2002. Aboard our BMW R1100GS

Jan. 06, 2003: Peloponnissos 437 km's in about 6 hours! Including 30 or so km's of MUD! Aboard two R1100GS's and a Transalp 600! Brave us!

July 3-4, 2003: EP8 in Vosges, France. A little Greek Adventure, 10-days, 3850km-long!

June 27 to July 12, 2004: EP9 in Holland!

Added August 18, 2004: Greek Moto Adventures! 10-day tours around Peloponissos and the small surrounding islands! Very nicely thought out!

Our summer 2005 Ride!

EPXI 2006!

Summer 2007 Ride!

The following links are more or less chronologically listed...

Naxos! My home island!
Rhodes 1997 Vacation!

London and Manchester, England 1998.
Santorini! These may be some old pics, but they are worth a view, believe me!
Kos 1998 Vacation!
Stel went to America!!!Jan 1999
Stel went to Canada! May 1999
We went to Tinos island... June 1999
Stelios and Ophelia went to Santorini, once again! LOTS of pic... you better have some time to see THIS! it was June 99...
Easter 2000 Pics!
Μαρόκο 2022 Οι χάρτες