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August 2001: A brand new KTM 200 EXC we got!
Do we need words?!

Some more pics!!!!!!!
September 16, 2001: What's it like to ride the KTM?!
(Updates: September 27, 2001, October 29, 2001, March 9, 2002, March 27, 2002, May 17, 2002).
September 16, 2001: A lovely Sunday we went Enduro riding!
October 29, 2001: I added a sidestand, and the seatcover of the '01 EXC model!
January 06, 2002. We got a trailer... for all our carrying needs!
January 12, 2002: Test fitting and tying the KTM on the trailer to see how it will travel...
January 13, 2002. We went Enduro ride around Athens mountains!
February 24, 2002: A nice trail ride with Epi, on muddy Penteli!
March 05, 2002: We added a Panoram trip computer.
March 23-25, 2002: A fabulous trailride around the Meteora rocks.
March 30, 2002: An Acerbis brace to save the front suspension.
March 31, 2002: SYMOFE/0-300 TrailRide at Psachna. Disaster strikes our team!!!
April 7, 2002: A short 4 hour rocky TrailRide on Penteli Mountain.
April 13, 2002: 0-300 and Hellinmoto's Enduro lessons.
April 10, 2002: A '93 Yamaha DT200R joins our family!
April 21, 2002: Repacking the exhaust with "SilentSport" packing material.
May 12, 2002: 0-300 Trail ride to Porto Germeno
Update May 28, 2002: Ayrton's pics!
May 22, 2002: Andreas got himself a Brand New Suzuki DRZ 400 S! Bye bye DR650, hello new trail king bike!!!
June 02, 2002: Tecnosel yellow numberplates
June 19, 2002: A new rear tire and a rear brake protection fin.
December 26, 2002: A KTM Video! Homemade, but what the heck! It's me riding!!!!
January 09, 2003: Scott from Boise, ID and his nice KTM200EXC. A new friend made through the internet! Small world?!
February 3, 2003: A much needed 2003 front fender added.
February 16, 2003: 0-300 Trailride!
March 01, 2003: 0-300 Trailride!
March 09, 2003: A new Karcher 550 Cleaner
March 09, 2003: Geo from Calgary, Canada sent me his very interesting pics and videos. All for us to enjoy (Update March 10, 2003).
April 21, 2004: 0-300 and Suzuki TrailRide!
October 26, 2003: Penteli to Stamata in 5 hours, 55km total!
December 14, 2003: 0-300 Trail Ride!
February 29, 2004: 0-300 Trail Ride!
September 5, 2004: A Trail Ride on Penteli, for two! Just me and Ayrtos!
January 31, 2005: 0300 trail Ride! We also drove the Jimny!
March 20, 2005: Attiko Trail Ride 28km!!!!
April 24, 2005: A small Trail Ride! 3 of us! Lots of fun! With videos as well!
July 3, 2005: Το ΣΚΛΗΡΟΠΥΡΗΝΙΚΟ Trail Ride του 0-300 και του!!!
November 6, 2005: A Trail ride around Parnitha! Great company: Costas with the KTM 625EXC, me on my KTM, Epi on his R1200GS! Mud baths included! Videos too!
December 4, 2005: Trailride 04.12.2005!
February 5, 2006: 0-300 Trailride! (KAI VIDEOs!)
October 21, 2006: Avlona Trail Ride
November 25, 2006: A new seat!

Ophelia loved it at first ride/sight!

So did Jason!

And so did I!!!!!!!!

do you have any.... doubts?!

These are the very first pics, and no, they were not taken with the digital cam! Instead we scanned these photos, for a change!

More details of the bike will follow real soon. For the time being, you can check the tech stuff of the bike at
When there, click on "Models and Technic", then "Enduro Competition" then "200EXC GS"! That's my bike!
A long overdue omission! A proper helmet! A Lazer MX5 Everts Replica, no less!
(Notice how nicely it hides my.... nose!)