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The Greek Fiat

The Seicento is OFFICIAL!!!!
The 1997 Athens International Motor Show

Hans Seidel's New kid! Another VERY FAST Uno Turbo!
Manel from Spain, has a very beautiful Sporting!
A fast Dutch Cinquecento 900! Sportings BEWARE!
A Spanish friend's Sporting Abarth.
The Ritsona Uphill race. March 1 & 2, 1997
Some Horror Stories with Sportings involved... (With pics!)
A friend's Novitec Sporting and Uno Turbo. Both, very impressive!!!
Here are the answers to the Quiz!
Here is my own Sporting!
How about a Punto GT?!
We got a 900 cc Cinquecento Suite too!
The images Gallery! supports Frames!
How about tuning the Sporting?!
Check what Gianninni has thought about the Cinquecento Sporting!
Check the Ferrari connection!
There are some pretty cool Fiat links here...

 Let's go to the Cinquecento Fun Pages!

My.. not so useful pages!

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