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From Germany, with love...

Looks like the Seidel Family, this summer acquired yet another FAST Uno Turbo! Read all about it!
These are the cars of Mr. Hans Seidel, from Ainring, Germany...
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Novitec Cinquecento
Novitec CinquecentoTurbo : 101 PS!
Novitec Uno Turbo
Novitec Uno Turbo: 211 PS!

In his own words:
Dear Stelios!

Here are the details of my Cinquecento Turbo:
1.108 cm3  -   8,3:1   -  74kw/101PS 5.500/min - 147 Nm 4600/min  -
Wheels: 195/45/15 auf Momo 7x15  ET 27 =  V-max 195 km/h
H+R Sport Springs 50mm,  Kingdragon Shocks,  OMP Strut Braces front upper and 
lower, Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit, 
Exhaust System NOVITEC Jetex Gr.A, no KAT!, 

Here are the details of my Uno Turbo 1.6l:
1.581 cm3  -  154.6kw/211PS 5.900/min -  280,3 Nm 4960/min - Garret Turbocharger 
, Power-Chip "Revo IOZ", Power-Boost-Valve, 0,5 bar - 1.3 bar preasure, 
Wheels: 195/45/16 auf Novitec Intra 7x16 ET 30 = V-max 245 km/h
H+R Sport Spring 70mm, Koni Cup Shocks, Strut Braces front upper, Roll Cage,
Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit, 
Exhaust System NOVITEC Jetex Gr.A, no KAT!,  
Novitec König Sport Seats, Momo 32cm, Sound made by Alpine, 
(a Car only for hot and sunny days, in winter it sleeps in a garage)

Thanks, Hans!

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