How to convert this image to a wallpaper?

Get a good shareware image editing program, such as PaintShop Pro 4.1, available at Tucows, or Jasc Inc., install it, and then open the JPG image you just saved.

First, you'd like to reduce the color depth to 256 colors, to make the file smaller. A 24bit color 800X600 bmp file is about 1.5 MB), while a 256 color bmp file is about 440 KB large.

If you have enough memory, you can always load a large bitmap file as a wallpaper, so skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2

Step 1

On the menu bar, click on "Colors", then "Decrease color depth", then "256 colors (8-bit)".
On the next window, select the following:

Then, to save the new smaller image as a Windows wallpaper, execute the Step2, below:

Step 2

Step 3

For Win95, right click on your desktop area, choose Properties, click on the "Background" tag and select the image you just saved. Then click on "Apply" and it's done!

The above technique applies to PaintSho Pro 4.1, but could be done with most other image editing probrams.
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