Ernesto's Cinquecento Sporting Abarth!

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...a few days ago, I received this beautiful e-mail letter and some pics attached to it!
Enjoy them, as Ernesto does enjoy his own Cinquecento Sporting Abarth!
Here's what he wrote!
From: Ernesto de la Fuente 
To: Stelios Hatzopoulos 
Subject: Re: Images
Content-Length: 594241

Dear Stelios:

Attached you'll find 3 images of my cinquecento Abarth.

Additional information:

	- Engine Tuning up to 70HP

	- Abarth rims 14" with Pirelli's 185/55R14

	- Wood steering wheel (Cinquecento Celebration)

	- Abarth pedals


	The car roadholds incredible with the bigger wheels and I think
from the stethics point of view it looks much more nice than the
13" rims abarth sample, don't you think so?.

Receive my best regards Stelios, and I hope this images and info will
be useful for your wonderful website.


here are more beautiful pics!
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