Since December 20, 2003:

This week it snowed lightly for a couple of days.

Luckily for me, the mailman wasn't afraid of the snow, and he delivered me a small package that came from containing among other things a few extras for my bikes!


One of the things that I've always wanted for the bikes was Kyosho's special steering damper. It's a cheap part, at around $13, so I ordered it and duly put it on my tricked RGV HOR. What it will do for the bike's handling, I'm not sure, but it sure looks cool on it. It was a snap to bolt it on, after making an appropriate 4mm hole on the top triple clamp. I glued the bottom friction plate on it with CA, since the old glue was just inoperable!


You will recall that my friend Ayrtos has parked his own RGV on my shelf, too. When I ordered the little things from, I also ordered a GPM aluminum oil-filled front fork and a GPM rear shock for his RGV. (I installed them, too, along with his newly acquired set of electronics. Notice the missing front brake calipers!).


It was then that I realized that our bikes were too much alike! Too much the same... So, I did a little remodeling to my RGV and converted it cosmetically: I did it the number 10 that Doug Chandler rode during that era. It was as easy as peeling off the gloves, boots back and helmet stickers, and the not-so-easy task of taking the black paint off Kevin's helmet and then sticking on the new stickers that were appropriate for Doug. Sorry, Kevin, but it only seemed fair. Alas, wherever on the net, and even on the bike's box, there's always the Number 34. Never is the 10 to be found, except HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of tricking the RGV out let me sum up what the bike has:

By the way, I wish to thank Ian, Kevin, David and the other boys at RCMCC for sending me not only the silicon inserts, but also a complete new fairing for my Mk2 NSR HOR, a drive chain and the fantastic video with the on-board footage of a TT chasing a HOR RGV!

According to Ian's suggestion, I have put the high grip tire in the back, leaving the foam insert, and at the front I have used the standard tire minus the flywheel out and replacing it with the silicon insert they sent me.

I have yet to ride the bike, and with all these mods I'm afraid I have created a monster... Time will show, I guess. Anyway, thanks to the boys at all the r/c bike forums, I have gained some experience, literally. Hopefully, the sun will shine and I will be able to ride the bikes soon!!!!!!!

And so that you won't say that I stink as a modeller, here is Doug Chandler's painted face! Now my RGV is totally complete!!!

Update on running the RGV a little!