October 19, 2003.
(Click on each image to view the 800x600 big picture).

Recently I purchased my own "new" Kyosho Suzuki 1/8 r/c bike. I started building it, adding a few extras and hop-ups on the way there, and in the meanwhile I called all my old friends who shared this r/c bike passion once, to tell them.

My friend Ayrton then said on the phone "Hey, I remember a box I had..." and hang up the phone. The next day we met at a local r/c track, to watch some friends practising their 1/5 cars. And he arrived proudly holding his "box". And what would it contain? What you see above!

The bastard, knowing I was in the process of building my own RGV, thought nicely, that ti'd be much easier for me to build another bike, now that I'd got the... knack of it!

So, indeed I undertook the... project and built his bike sans electronics.

Actually he also owns a Tamiya Tamtech for which he shares the same electronics with his bike.

Of course, these pics are static, but it's nice to have yet another bike in my... garage!

And just tonight Ayrton called and wanted his bike back...

I'm not sure if I will hand him his bike back, however...

Don't you like it when you've got a LOT of bikes for your own pleasure?!!!!

Update Dec. 20, 2003: Ayrtos' bike upgraded! WOW!