R/C motorcycles with Moving Rider!

doohan2.jpg Obviously these two bikes mean a great improvement over the MkI R/C motorcycle models of Kyosho. The main difference is visual, with the moving riders, who lean over the bike, when it turns, while in the same time their heads, arms and legs stick out to reach the pavement, in realistic mode!
Mechanically, they have some things revised: The frame is of an open design, which makes maintenance easier. You can now easily change frequency crystals and do the same with motors. Also, the front forks are the newest upside-down items, while still not oil damped.
schw2.jpg However, there is an oil damped fork in the accessory list. In this same list, one can also find the ball-raced steering, the new Grand Prix 28BB motor (presumably faster than the stock motor), new stickier tires with foam inserts and a new 600mAh battery, promising longer run times.

After having run a new Honda NSR500 for some time, I must say is that it is a little heavier than the Mk 1 model, mainly due to the added parts for the moving rider, and it feels so on the road. On the other hand, it looks lots better than the old models on my office! The new Honda handles almost exactly like the old model, as long as it has the same good asphalt beneath it! Beware of crashes, since after only a minor one, you could brake a footpeg and leave poor Mr. Doohan's leg hanging around! At the very end, who's gonna like a bruised bike and rider?!

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