Street Spec Rules Vol.2. Winter '95-96


Authorized Parts Only






Speed Controls


Only chassis, motors, tires, bodies and battery packs that wear the "Street Spec Legal" logo will be allowed in competition. All items must be submitted to Trinity Products for approval 30 days before use in competition.

Once approved all "Street Spec Legal" products will remain unchanged until mid 1997 when the "Street Spec" rules come up for review. This allows you to buy your car with confidence that it will not be obsoleted by an upgraded model minutes after you make your purchase.

If the rules do not specifically say you can do something, doing it is illegal!


All chassis must be "Street Spec Legal" approved models only.

Current approved models are produced by Trinity, TRC, and BoLink.

Chassis with body must retail for a maximum of $165.00

Chassis with motor, body and battery must retail for a maximum of $199.99.

Chassis must be raced as it comes in the kit. You may not cut, drill, or modify the chassis and its components in any way.

No swapping of parts between Stocker/Trucks and Touring chassis styles, Stocker/Truck chassis must run only in Stocker/Truck races, and Touring cars only in touring events.

Any replacement chassis part must be of the same make and type as which comes with the original car kit. You may not swap parts between Trinity, BoLink, TRC nor any other Street Spec legal cars.

Replacement parts must carry the "Street Spec Legal"" logo on their packaging. This includes the main chassis plates, hubs, axles, steering blocks, dampener washers, front axle plates, body posts and uprights, etc.. Parts may not be upgraded with look alike graphite or aluminum components,

In the Street Spec racing there are no after market hop up parts allowed.

Screws must remain the same as on the original car kit. You may not swap steel screws fro aluminum.

Front suspension springs may be replaced with any after market spring.

Front wheel ball bearings are allowed.

Dampening is allowed by putting a lubricant on the kingpins. No mechanical dampening systems are allowed, (shocks, dampener tubes, "O" rings etc.).

Dampening may be changed in the rear by use of any type of dampening fluid.

Front caster may only be changed with the use of washers, and/or after market caster blocks as manufactured by Associated and Robinson. Caster change only blocks are legal. Blocks that change caster and camber are not legal. You may not bend the kingpins or axles to change the caster or camber.

Camber may not be changed on the Trinity or BoLink cars by making the front axle plate non-parallel with the chassis plate by the addition or subtraction of spacers from one side. Both axle and chassis plate must be parallel when viewed from the front.

Radio gear may be mounted any place on the chassis.

Steering servo may be screwed to chassis or front axle plate. After market servo mounts may be used.

Stock steering linkages and ball ends must be used. Turnbuckles are not legal.

4/40 nuts may be added to steering linkage ball ends on steering blocks and servo saver.

2 small holes may be drilled into the front axle plate of Trinity and BoLink cars for the sole purpose of adding 2 screws and nuts to act as stops for the steering linkage. These stops are to keep the front wheel from locking over in a crash.

Battery pack must be mounted across chassis and centered from side to side in the original factory provided position. Battery pack must be taped, "O" ringed or tie wrapped in place.

Ball bearings may be used in right side diff hub.

No carbide diff balls or ceramic diff rings are allowed. Diff washers may be glued to hub, but may not be pinned.

No after market diff parts like aluminum cone washers are allowed.

Solid steel rear axle must be used, and may not be shortened.

Flat spots may be filed into rear axle only where left side hub screws make contact. Any unmodified 28 tooth pinion and 120 tooth spur gear may be used.

After market front bumpers are legal. Bumper must not extend outside of the body shell.

Silicone tubing may not be added to front of the right height adjuster post on the Trinity car.

Teflon tape may not be used on the damper washers or top pod plate.

Rear Damper springs may not be changed.

Extra "O" rings or other foreign objects may not be wedged under "T" bar to tweak chassis.

Minimum weight of chassis with body, motor and battery pack ready to race less transponder is 43 ozs.

Ballast may be added to chassis to make legal weight.

Legal Stocker/Truck car kits: Trinity S-Spec-10 (SS2222, SS2223, SS2240, SS2241)

TRC Spec-10 (TR8000, TR8010)

BoLink (BL1393)

Legal Touring car kits: Trinity S-Spec10t (SS2230, SS2231)


You must use "Street Spec" tires only. These are currently available from Trinity, TRC and BoLink.

"Street Spec" legal tires are easily teched because of the white band that is on the inside edge of the tire.

"Street Spec" front tires must retail for $10.99 per pair.

"Street Spec" rear tires must retail for $11.49 per pair.

"Street Spec" Tires come in 3 front compounds, (Orange, Green, Blue) and 2 rear compounds, (Green, Blue).

Tires must be raced as they come from the package. Narrowing and cutting down tire diameter is not allowed.

Tires must be mounted so that the white band faces the center of the car.

Tires must start at 2.4", normal tire wear is allowed.

Stock cars must use stock car wheels and tires, and Touring cars, touring car wheels and tires.

Tire compounds may be mixed from side to side if necessary to suit track conditions (oval).

You may not mix Stocker and Touring tires.


All "Street Spec Legal" bodies, either stock car, truck or touring car must retail for $15.99.

Stock car bodies must be short track type.

Truck bodies must be "Nastruck" replicas.

Touring car bodies must be based on the European touring car series, i.e., BMW, Mercedes, Lancias, Mondeo etc.

All bodies must be realistically mounted, trimmed and painted. Bodies may not be trimmed above the molded in body line. All cars/trucks are to have windows intact and they must be clear.

The rear of the body may not be cut above the bottom of the rear bumper. Back of the body must be intact.

The use and dimensions of rear wings if allowed, is at the discretion of the race director. Wings should only be used if necessary because of track conditions. Wings can either be mounted to the body or to the chassis wing mounts. Chassis wing mounts must be mounted to the upper rear pod plate to the motor.

All cars will have 3 realistically placed and sized numbers.

Trinity cars must use Trinity body, BoLink cars a BoLink body and TRC cars a TRC body.

Legal bodies:


SS2018 Short Track Stocker

SS2232 BMW Touring

SS2238 Opel Touring

SS2242 Chevy Truck


TR3218 Lumina

TR3224 Chevy Truck


BL2284 Ford Truck


Battery packs must be either 4 or 6 cell Sanyo EX Spec assembled stick battery packs.

Packs must remain stock and must use supplied connector. Battery leads may not be shortened.

Battery pack must have shrink wrap and sticker intact at all times to remain legal.

The 4 cell pack is handy for running on really small tracks, indoor carpeting and on slippery tracks.


The only legal motor is the Trinity "Street Spec" Stock motor.

Spec: 21 turns of 21 Awg., 12 degree Timing, Locked Commutator.

List price $29.99 maximum.

Motor may not be opened.

Commutator may not be retuned. Endbell hardware must remain stock and not be altered in any way.

You must use "Street Spec" brushes (part # SS2229). Brushes may not be cut, sanded, drilled, or altered in any manner. You may cut off eyelet and solder shunts to brush hoods.

Stock Motor Springs (part RC4532) must be used, but they may be rebent.

Motor must retain sticker intact. Any attempt to remove sticker will destroy it. Care should be taken when cleaning motors as some sprays will damage motor sticker.

Torque rings and motor can heatsinks are legal.

Any suspect motor will be torn down immediately. If motor is legal it will be replaced. If found illegal, driver will be disqualified.

Legal Motors:

Trinity SS2228


All electronic speed controls must have a retail price of no more then $129.99.

Speed controls must be in original case with original sticker intact.

Reversing speed controls may not me used.

Wires may not be changed to a bigger gauge on speed controls, but may be shortened or lengthened. Original gauge wire must be used.

Mosfets may not be jumped or shunted.

Speed control has to use original "Tamiya" style battery connector.

Any receiver servo and radio is legal, as is the use of receiver battery packs.

Some legal speed controls are:


TSC412P, F-10


N1950 Duster.

All responsibility of this document are mine and not those of any company mentioned above. All material is however official to date , December 19, 1995.

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