Kyosho Mk1 R/C motor motorcycles

Honda NSR500
Suzuki RGV500
Yamaha YZR500

This series of models was first introduced in 1989. There are (were) three models: A Suzuki RGV-500 Gamma, with Keving Schwantz. The Honda NSR500 with Wayne Gardner and a Yamaha YZR500, with the company paint scheme. The latter was also introduced as a Marlboro version with Eddie Lawson riding, but, unfortunately, this edition was intended for the Japanese market only.
These first kits were pretty easy to build, even for people who had never built any R/C model before. The only problem I had found at the time, was that I had to have the electronics along with the kit. This one I discovered the hard way! I bought my first Honda NSR500 and since I had not enough money to purchase the electronics, I decided to build it. The real problem came a week later, when I bought the electronics: I disassembled the whole motrocycle and reassembled it again, this time with the speed control/receiver and servo combo.
Futaba MCR-2M
Kyosho's R/C unit

The elctronics I have used came from three different sources: Tamiya's small CPR unit, which was originally intended fro the 1/24 R/C car series (I have one of these, too!), which also has reverse (too bad for motorcycles!). Then, Futaba's own MCR-2M model, which came with forward/brakes and a small S-3501 servo. The last and sorriest set was bought in one of my rare excursions abroad, in London, in 1992. The Kyosho R/C motorcycle receiver/controller combo. I bought from there, unfortunately never worked! And who would go back to London to claim etc. So I considered the 45 pounds it cost me as money spent around! (This, of course, does not mean that all Kyosho units don't work... I was unfortunate to happen on a unit which did not operate!).
This Marlboro paintjob is for Jap. market only [sob :-( ]
They ARE fast! (see top of the page!)

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(All photos in this page are scanned from the Kyosho and Futaba catalogs)