Adding a lexan fairing and rider set

(click on the pics to view the larger 1024x768 images)

We got a Nitro Nev fairing set and rider, from Formbymodels, in England.

It comes unpainted of course, giving you the chance to exercise your magic in the painting. Eggzaktly like I did!
Notice the "spikes" on the head and back. Don't they look... familiar?! :-)
Thankfully, after painting you don't notice them.

I test fitted the oval shaped 3200 lipo and it was contained perfectly. However tha fairing can't contain the larger rectangular shaped Lipos.

OK! I was in a hurry and with very few paint cans last weekend, so what could I do?!
Add a few motorcycle and R/C stickers and ready you are!!!

The inside: Everything is held in place with M3 bolts and nuts. Where I have not used nyloc nuts, I have used blue Loctite.

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