FA-Series Honda NSR500

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In 1990, Kyosho started making this 1/7 scale R/C bike. It was slightly different from the 1989 R/C bikes, found elsewhere in this site. The main difference being this: The model came Factory Assembled, hence the name of the series, which also included a couple of 1/14 buggies...

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned these bikes in my pages, so far...

The reason is that they were really never imported in Greece and I had only seen them in the yearly Kyosho Catalogs of 1990 and 1991.

How come I remembered this model, now?
It's simple!
A friend of this site, sent me some shots of this model, a few days ago!
He appears to have not just one, but TWO of these bikes!
Here's what he wrote:

Hello. I visited your website and found it very informative. It is great to
know, others are as passionate about their hobbies as I am. I have enclosed
some JPEG photos, that I have scanned off a box of a Kyosho NSR Motorcycle
that has been out of production since 1989. I purchased two of the NSR's at a
recent Radio-Control show I attended. Please keep my e-mail address so that
you may contact me regarding any new information on the Kyosho or other type
radio-control motorcycle. I ride an Aprilia RS 250, and it is considered an
Exotic here because thet are not available in the USA as of this writing
(because of pollution-emissions.) I can send you additional photos from
digitized video if you'd like! I plan on getting one of the new Kyosho
Hang-On Motorcycles and paint it like Max Biaggi's Championship winning
Aprilia. I'll let you know how it comes out. From New York City, Later dude.

(Just in case you're wondering what that Aprilia RS250 is, click here! And this is a pic of Max Biaggi's Championship Winning Aprilia RS250...)

Some technical details on this bike, taken from Kyosho's 1991 Catalog:
The bike came fully assembled and the box included a pistol type transmitter. All it needed to race was a set of batteries:
One 9V for the Tx, and 8 AA-size alkaline batteries for the receiver and the motor. It came painted in a white/orange paint scheme that reminds me that year's road going NSR250's... It's motor was a 280 size (whatever that may be...) and the drive to the rear wheel was given via a belt. Scale realism was somewhat lost in the process, but this bike would be good for someone not wanting to build an entire kit into a running motorcycle.

Here are the Tech Specs:
Length 280 mm
Width 96 mm
Height (no driver) 155 mm
Wheelbase 200 mm
Weight 800 gr
Gear ratio 19:1

And here are Steve's photos!

Action Image (21 kb)
A wheelie! (40 kb)
Lean and mean! (13 kb)

And some technical views:

1. Crash resistant Fairing and tank.
2. "SDSS" steering system.
3. Functional suspension, front and rear.
4. Semi-pneumatic slick tires.
5. Crash bar and roller.
6. Strong, crash-resistant resin box-frame chassis.
7. Realistic soft vinyl rider figure.
This is actually the bike's owner manual...

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