Just for the fun of it!

Do you want any better reason?! Well... there is none!

Well... the story was quite as follows. My German friend Sascha was visiting with his 6 y.o. son Jonas, and one afternoon having nothing better to do, I just looked around my home office (read: playroom) and decided to charge a couple of batteries and let's have some fun.

so we inhabited that huge parking lot and let loose all the small kids: Sascha (almost 35!), Jonas, my son Iason (8 y.o.), my friend Pavlos (28!) and myself, of course!

Our weapons of choice as seen in above pic, from left:

Red BMW 320i: Underneath it lies a 1989 Schumacher Cougar Mk1, the one with the aluminum shovel-like chassis.
The motor is a 14x2 hand-wound-by-a-friend motor.
The ESC is an LRP IPC Sport (good for 14T motors), the radio is a Futaba 2PL at 27MHz (same Tx with the Suzuki bike), the steering servo is a Futaba S3003. Finally the shocks are the originals, with just fresh 30wt Losi Silicone Oil in them, and the tires were old buggy tires, which now look more like sleeks!
The body is a Frewer BMW 320i that I once tried to paint like one I saw on tv running at the then BTCC... Glory days!

The white Suzuki bike does not need any introduction really. Everything about this bike can be found here, at my r/c bikes section.

For the occassion it has: GPM Aluminum front forks (not oil-filled), GPM aluminum swing arm, GPM oval washers for the gearbox, a BB28 Kyosho motor, Kyosho High-Grip tires, the front sporting an RCMCC silicone insert, the rear only with a standard soft foam insert. Batteries (both!) for this bike were G-Maxx's latest 1200 NiMh's, which lasted over 25 minutes EACH!
The Team Losi Mini-T belongs to my son Iason. For more info check its own page. Newest addition was a Team Losi "faster" motor. Sadly, with this motor the Mini-T lost its ability to pull wheelies at will! The matter is being investigated!!!!
The Thunder Tiger FM-1e is also a known quantity from its own dedicated pages. In short it ran with a Reedy 13x2 motor, Nosram 11-turn ESC, Futaba 3UCP electronics, two S3003 servos, Pat's brakes front and rear, CNR double servo plates, rc-motorradshop.de rear shock and CNR Yamaha-logo wheels.
Last but not least, my latest addition to the lot, the Team Losi XXX-Graphite. I bought this one used, but it was in better than new condition, really! The car is a 2003 model and carries a quite extraordinary history with it: It belonged to Greek Champion Harry Katikas, who won the Greek Nats with this very car twice: 2003 and 2004! What's more, this car has been measured with a speed gun to have a top speed of 88.6 km/h, in the Touring Car Champs in Switzerland, last year!

Needless to say it came with a thousand small and big spares and a host of useful upgrades. It's full of titanium and aluminum bits, but ONLY where they are needed, not for the bling factor.

Of course, I bought only the chassis, so I had to add my own electronics: Futaba 3UCP (shared with the TT, above), Tekin 411G ESC, Reedy 12x5 motor, 9401 Futaba servo. Astonishingly I realized there is some freeplay in this racecar's steering system. Upon closer scrutiny, it was the SERVO's freeplay! The servo is also a 1991 model, and has served thousands of hours of faithful service in my Kyosho Lazer ZXR!

The latest addition to the Losi was my older Carson Skoda Octavia body (just new bodypost holes!) and a set of FastTire's FVX33C preglued wheels and tires that complement that WRC look.
Finally, all cars and the big bike were ran using all my batteries:
Four Trinity 1300 Spec batteries (giving a very good punch but with lesser duration, of course).
Four Team Orion "cheapo" 2400 nicd's
Four Team Orion matched 2400 nicd's with superb punch and very good runtime.
Oh... and the videos!
As always, right click on the images below and "save as...".

WMV file, 26 sec., 1.7mb.

WMV file, 37 sec., 2.4mb.


Have you checked my R/C BOAT?!!!!!!

Video included, there, too!
Page was updated September 17, 2005.