For the fun of it, as of November 25, 2003:

Recently I bought a Skoda Octavia WRC lexan body from Krikke R/C Model shop in Holland, to fit on my aging FWD Tamiya Toyota Corolla Levin (Coupe).

The Octavia body is made by Carson and Krikke was the only place on the net that I could find it. It came complete with two large decal sheets depicting the car that Armin Schwarz ran in the 2001 Monte Carlo Rally.


The team did very well that year at Monte, with Schwarz/Hiemer finishing 4th overall!


The above pics, of the official presentation of the car were very helpful in detailing the car, as you will see in the next few pics...

On with the rest of the pics, then...

A disclaimer is due here: All the pics of the actual rally car were found on the net, mostly in Skoda-Auto's site, at the Motorsport section. These pics are of very high quality and are destined for press and magazine use. I guess I fit into these categories, don't I?!
A few more pics here, taken recently at my local Skoda Showroom, when I went to order my new Octavia Combi 1.8T.

And... another Skoda Octavia model. Static, metal, 1/32 scale.
Update March 17! Wheels and tires to fit!
Next on the list are 3 Octavia projects: A Yellow Taxi, a Blue and White Police car and finally (and hopefully) an Octavia Combi, just like the one we have ordered!!!!!! ( see above!)
A few pics of the new and more proper Octavia chassis: A Losi XXX-Graphite which of course is 4WD!
Skoda Octavia Taxi!