March 17, 2004: A wheel and tire choice!

You may have well noticed that the wheels and tires of the original Tamiya kit were too much inside the wheelwells of this body, not to mention that both styles I had were not the right ones for that elusive WRC look.

Here's the Octavia new look!

Seen from above, the wheels offer the right offset, and they are at the correct (visual) place at last!

What we did was simple: We visited our LHS RcHobbyAthens (also found at ) and tried a few 1/10 touring car wheels for size! The ones we would have liked were the "real" WRC wheels, but they had the same offset like the Tamiya kit originals. So instead we had a quartet of Yokomo ZR-0493-2 wheels.

For tires we asked for the hardest possible compound in the shop. But instead of the wooden-feeling Tamiyas we got two pairs of GRP's "Fast Tires" finest. Specifically FV33C (45shore). On the desk they "handle" BETTER than Tamiya's and we sure hope they are quite silly on the road too! We don't want a car that HANDLES. We want a car that can be played around a bit and drift along! We will have a road test real soon!

Suddenly, the Octavia WRC has got PLENTY of roadholding, a terrific (and terrifying!) steering response, and is not playful at all! Anyone got any wooden tires?!!?!?!

See this small VIDEO of our Octavia for proof!!!

You don't want to know what the last word spoken in the video is! Mrs Wife was driving, I was taking the video, Jason and our cat were watching! Enjoy! It's avi format, about 3.9mb size.