Team Tolias
Eskiadis' Team, from Salonica
Team Spicar on asphalt.
The Trim Cinquecento flying.
The Fiat Auto Hellas Sporting Abarth, at Rally ELPA 1996.
The Fiat Auto Hellas car in the air...
  • When sideways... and on two wheels...
  • Hans's Novitec Sporting
  • Hans's Novitec Uno Turbo
  • This is likely the 1998 Cinquecento
    (For more info see this!
  • Racing Cinquecentos
  • more, flying!!!
  • The Racing Sportings are also in the Bologna Auto Show!
  • A funny Sporting, also at Bologna...
  • The Sporting in Abarth's in full dress!
  • Here's a German Fritsch with a Group B look!
  • Veteran did well at the 1st Cinquecento Rally
  • This one... slides all the way!
  • YXN6260. My own Sporting.
  • Side view. Small pic.
  • This view astonishes those Sunny [make this Sunday :-) ] drivers.
  • My other car is a...Yamaha. DT200R ('89)
  • My other car is a... was a Panda!!!
  • Novitec Cinquecento.
  • Novitec Barchetta.
  • Why not something a little different?!
  • And something...WILD!!!
  • From BeBe of Germany comes this beauty
  • This Group A Sporting Abarth raced at ELPA Rally, from 30/8 to 1/9.
  • Our new black Suite! (This view will NOT embarass anyone on the road, especially when the A/C is on! :-)

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