San Cassiano to Dobbiaco (130km, approx)

Part 1: Passo Falzarego, Passo Fedaia, Passo Giau.

This is normally a 60km or so route. However we took the long way around it: Passo Valparola, Passo Falzarego, Passo Pordoi.

There was a bicycle race going on, slowing our progress to 1st gear and a lot of clutch (ab)use, then rain started right on the top of Passo Pordoi and kept us company all the way down. Next was Passo Fedaia (in the clouds), and Passo Giau, in the rain!. Finally we settled for the evening at Dobiacco.

The rain and the heavy clouds around almost every pass we did prompted us to look for better weather up North. George came with the idea of visiting the Grossglockner, but after having seen just a part of it, I think it needs 3 days for it alone. But we're running ahead!

Nicely parked bikes under our balcony at Luch Da Pcei, San Cassiano.

How to unload the saddlebags from the balcony!


Passo Valparola.






Passo Fedaia. Marmolada was unfortunately hidden in the clouds!

Going down the Fedaia it was dry...

On top of the Giau. In the rain. Of course!

Day 5: Dobbiaco to Taxenbach, via the Grossglockner!

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