Day 2 (July 31, 2005):

Part 2. Passo Croce Domini

From Salo we followed the west coast of Lago di Garda, headed north towards Riva, then just before Riva we turned west, passed by Lago d'Idro, then continued on to Passo Croce Domini. On the way down the passo, at Edolo rain caught us. We stopped for a while, donned our rain gear then rode up Passo Dell Tonale in fog and rain. Not the best situation, indeed!

Later, going down Passo Tonale towards Trento, there was a huge traffic jam, which we escaped quickly! Finally, we came to rest at the infamous Hotel America.

In the evening we had a pizza at Pedavena and had the pleasure to have Maura join our little party.

A little before Passo Croce Domini we pause for a pic or two...


...and right after a left turn there were horses allover the road!!!





Talki about an IronButt rider! This Harley had an aluminum seat!!!!

Nice lunch, indeed!

expensive bicycles...

...and a rare sight: An Alpine Renault A110 with fabulous sound!

Day 2, part 3: Passo Tonale in the rain!

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