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November 2013!

Our new Smart!!!

A month ago we sold the Leon. It was sold to a dealer who has probably already sold it to some lucky soul in Germany. Due to the car tax system in Greece, it is almost unfeasible to own a car with over 1929 cc...
Anyway, we looked around for a new (for us!) set of wheels and ended up with a Smart.
At first, I was looking at buying a used Smart CDi, yes, a Diesel. So, I drove one, I didn't like it really, then drove a gasoline with 700cc, which, in contrast, I liked. Then I drove another CDi, and this drive cemented my opinion that I really didn't like the diesel.

So, I was looking at the local used car ads on the internet and stumbled upon this:

Follow the links, below, to see how it is!


What it's like?!

Smart Jokes! In Greek! Sorry!