Tuesday October 21, 2003.
As I said, I had ordered a GPM aluminum swingarm for the bike. It arrived today in the mail.

Of course I had to dismantle almost the whole bike to make it fit.


It certainly looks the part on the bike now...

Next will be painting and decorating the bike. Hopefully by the end of the week the bike will be ready to roll on its own.


Just a couple of notes on these fine GPM add-ons:
First the easy one: The rear fender needs two BIG (compared in the scale of the bike) screws to hold it in place, which look a bit ridiculous! (see above, right).
Second: The plastic calipers that come with the kit, somehow need a bit of filing on the inside, otherwise the front disc brakes will rub against them. Also, the front tire (the high-grip one) will rub at times against the insides of the front forks... Oh, details, details...

(Noticed the white wheels? Well, Mrs O. said they looked better than the black ones on the bike, and to tell the truth and keep the scale as realistic as possible, so does the real bike do with: White wheels. The black ones came with the high-grip tires).

(Clicking on images will show the bigger files at 800x600).