Being a quiet (and rainy, so no outdoor rc bike action!) Sunday afternoon, I disassembled the bike, to see what's inside!

The rider's butt is snapped on the seat, so undoing it carefully is easy, then just remove his hands from the handlebars.
The whole fairing is secured by two screws at the bottom. The manual shows that the longer screw goes at the rear, but it goes at the front.

The fairing is two pieces but it doesn't need to be disassembled. It goes on or off the bike like one piece.

The "fuel tank" is also held with one flat-head screw which is concealed inside the "filler cap"!

The steering servo.

On the right side of the bike is the combo of ESC and 2.4Ghz receiver. This is dangling in the air, not being supported by anything!
It could prove fragile, I'm afraid, in case of a very hard impact or fall of the bike off a table, maybe... Let' hope it doesn't!

On the left side, we can see the tiny cables running around the bike's frame. Some of them are held onto the frame with hot-glue...

The steering rake adjustment is done by that large Philips-head screw. It actually comes in two positions:

This is the long wheelbase setting, also being more chopper like!

This is the default setting, which we have tested so far...

Reassembling the bike is quite easy. You must be careful with the bottom of the ESC/Rx PCB, when trying to mount the lower fairing onto the frame: You have to carefully make sure that it slots in the lower fairing and below the fuel tank. Otherwise the lower fairing won't clip in position... It's very easy to do correctly but also very easy to mess up and break a tab (I didn't!)

Some Testing!