Talking about bad service...

This has happened to us:

On June 9, 2004 I ordered a Team Losi Mini T servo and a spare set of servo gears from from I duly paid via paypal and my payment was recorded by paypal as follows:

Total Amount: $29.99 USD
Quantity: 1
Item Title: 35808929:  1 LOSB1092 @ 3.00, 1 LOSB1091 @ 13.99
Item Number:35808929

Business Information:

Since then, I never received the small and CHEAP package, and I wrote to THREE times with NO ANSWER so far!

Count them:
July 22, 2004
August 29, 2004
September 18, 2004.

Still no reply to my emails... I'm waiting...

In the meanwhile, I bought a new servo from the nice people at DSAW Hobbies, for 20 euros, a month after our servo ground its gears. It took this long to get to us, since the servo was part of a delayed parts shipment, as they told me, but at my second phone call, a week later, they offered to remove a brand new servo out of a Mini-T they had on the shelf, which made Jason very happy.
Thanks Guys!

Just beware, people!