HPI Sprint GTI

I bought this off ebay.co.uk, used, but in excellent condition. It even came with brand new bodyshell and wheels/tires.

As soon as we got it, we mounted a set of Yokomo drift wheels and tires, only to see it do silly burnouts!

The chassis is a shortened version of the Sprint, and apart from the chassis plates and the front belt, everything else fits from the Sprint. It's a very decent model, even being an RTR one, which means that it came with full ball bearings, some good quality aluminum parts and very decent shocks. It doesn't offer adjustable links, but that was never a problem. Was it?!

We also knew that there existed a real racing Saxo Kit Car.

Next thing we knew, however, after a little research on the HPI site, was that this chassis was also sold with a Peugeot 106 Maxi body.

We got one from the UK.

Gave it a nice even paintjob...

And then inspiration came:

In the form of PZ's real 106 Rallye!

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