HPI Sprint

A couple of years ago, my son wanted an on-road car. So, after a little searching of the local rc forums, I found a used and well maintained HPI Sprint.

It came with a bashed Ford Mondeo body which we soon ditched in favor of a more beautiful one...
In the meantime, we installed an Orion Method 17X2 motor, 86/29 gearing, an LRP Sport ESC capable of 14T motors and some nearly decent nimh batteries.

Oh... Did I say someting more beautiful?!

And then... a set of Yokomo drift tires... and see what it can do!

Yes... it seems a shame, but a Lambo ca do drifts in the right hands!
This time with HPI drift tires...

It can also work as a resting place for the Losi Micro-T!