The 1987 Tamiya Blackfoot!

A few days ago, my son Jason was down in the basement looking at my old and mostly useless stuff... What he came up with?! My friend Nikos had forgotten his Blackfoot (see first page!) at my basement a few years ago and it was gathering dust ever since!

Last time we saw it, it was painted an awful GOLD color, of all colors that there are! Jesus!

We quickly installed electronics on the chassis and went out for a brief run in the evening! A Futaba S3003 servo, a Nosram Dominator ESC, a 2CH Futaba pistol radio and a Penka 19X2 motor. Mind you the truck is completely stock: The shocks are the air-systems that came with the kit, the plastic bearings seem to hold up quite well so far!

We even took out my old Alfa Giulia GTA, complete with new shocks: Two spare ones from my Losi XXX-S graphite, no less! It was still the queen of oversteer (read: undriveable!) so we focused on running the Blackfoot, instead!

Next thing we knew, the Blackfoot needed some decent paint. Searching up my old paint cans I discovered a half-empty (half-full probably!) Tamiya Metallic Blue paint can. A quick masking with paper tape and 20 minutes later the Blackfoot was again Blue! Then a couple layers of Humbrol's plastic model clear coat and it was shiny again. We let it rest overnight, and the result is what you see at the top of the page. In the meantime we did a few repairs to the chassis and body, so on Sunday morning the Blackfoot was READY!



My son Jason was the proud driver and... stuntman!




On Monday morning my friend Paul was visiting... So... he asked "What's new?" I pointed at the Blackfoot! He of course wanted a ride... A great opportunity to shoot some action pics and Video!

Video?! Of course!

The video is WMV format: 6.17mb, 48 seconds.
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